Becky Meverden


My name is Becky Meverden A.K.A "The Constant Crafter." My love for crafting can be traced all the way back to childhood with my mother teaching me how to sew. But little did I know that this pivotal moment would spark a life-long passion for crafts, creativity and culture. Over the years, my zest for crafting has landed me on front covers, put me in front of cameras, and taken me as far away as Asia where I studied the sacred arts of Maedeup (Korean Knotting) and Chilbo (Korean enameling).

It's often said that luck is when preparation and opportunity meet. In my case, luck happened to involve a polymer clay sock monkey and a book editor. Let me explain. While at a Craft Trade Show, a book editor happened to catch a glimpse of my sock monkey. Knowing that HGTV personality Carol Duvall (The Queen of Crafts) was a huge fan of sock monkeys, I was encouraged by this book editor to get one in front of her...the sooner the better.

Carol fell in love with the sock monkey and invited me to be a guest on her show. I became a regular on The Carol Duvall Show for 10 seasons and I will forever owe her a debt of gratitude for embracing me the way she has. Carol and I continue to be great friends to this day.

But what has kept my zeal for crafting alive is the way I'm able to touch the lives of others through my work. Whether it's bringing new life to a cancer patient by inspiring her to work with polymer clay, watching an elderly couple find new enthusiasm for life by discovering the mind-nurturing benefits of crafting, or helping an adoptive parent of a Korean child teach their little one about their Korean roots through my craft.